Fireplace Remodeling

Bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels are amazing ways to transform your home, but they can also be expensive, time consuming and intrusive. If you are looking for ways to update your house without breaking the bank, look no further than a quality fireplace remodel. Fireplaces are small decorative areas of your home that really add personality and create a distinctive look. With just a little extra effort you can remodel a fireplace and totally transform the look of the room. If you are updating an older home, fireplace remodeling ideas can go along way. For example, by replacing the mantle and fireplace surrounds you can take a home from 1970 to 2010 on a smaller budget. Fireplace remodeling allows you to be creative as you want!

Fireplace Remodeling ideas

Gas vs. Wood – A fireplace can be fueled either by gas, wood or both. When working with a fireplace remodeling contractor, be sure to discuss the pros and cons of each. Gas fireplaces may be more expensive, but are cleaner burning and safer. Wood fireplaces offer an ambiance that is difficult to beat and wood is in general cheap and plentiful

Mantles and Surround – These areas around the fireplace really determine the style of the fireplace and well it works in the room. many fireplace remodeling companies can help you make a great decision that you will be happy with

Fireplace spacing – Determine whether your fireplace will be on the floor, on a ledge or built into the wall. While this decision is largely stylistic, it can have an effect on fireplace safety as well.

Remodeling Your Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace remodel can mean many things. Even replacing or upgrading your fireplace surrounds can be done in many ways. Something as simple as a new or improved fireplace mantle can enhance both the look of your fireplace and the room that it sits in. Hiring a wood working contractor can do amazing things for your fireplace surrounds for a fraction of the cost of a typical home remodel. Replacing your brick fireplace with other materials such as granite, marble or stone can be more expensive but will also create an unmatched beauty and quality in your new fireplace installation. Even more peripheral fireplace surrounds can be a great source of fireplace remodeling ideas. Simply by adding wall sconces on either side for your fireplace, you can create a truly relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your living room, family room, or den.

Pictures of Remodeled Fireplaces