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Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner! There is no better time to start working and more importantly cooking outside. Do you want to fire up the old grill or would you like your own custom designed outdoor kitchen. Imagine a high-end very professional outdoor living space where you have plenty of room to cook and, depending on the complexity and budget, even clean up without ever stepping foot inside your home.

We are professional commercial and residential remodelers who take a great deal of pride in our outdoor kitchen designs. As you are already aware, outdoor kitchens have become one of the hottest and most fashionable trends over the past few years especially near Naperville, IL and the greater Chicago area. While a majority of.

Kitchen Remodeling

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

From concept to project completion, Stam Builders of Naperville, Illinois can design ultimate kitchen for you. Literally, the kitchen of your dreams. Your newly designed and remodeled kitchen will provide your family with a lifetime of enjoyment while increasing the value of your biggest investment - your home. Imagine a kitchen that is large enough to provide you the optimal cooking space and become the number one meeting place for your family.

Although designing a kitchen may sound simple, there are a great deal of things to consider before making any major kitchen design and remodeling decisions. Take the time to ask yourself some fundamental questions about what kind of kitchen you really want:

  • Are you considering a new kitchen design or kitchen remodel because you want to add value to your home, or.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Outstanding Service & Commitment

Stam Builders of Naperville IL is committed to completing your bathroom remodel project correctly and affordably. We offer first-class service and are focused on your total satisfaction. We will guide you every step of the way and are ready to answer any and all of your questions. If you would like help with the design stage, we will gladly assist you with that as well. It is important that you use a company that provides personalized attention and has a great deal of knowledge and experience when dealing with bathroom bathroom remodeling in Naperville IL.

Superior Work & Materials

We want to make sure that your bathroom remodeling in Naperville IL goes well, so we use quality materials to complete your project. We will take care of everything from.

Current trends in kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops have come a long way since the formica and laminates of the 70's. Whether you are remodeling your whole kitchen or simply updating the look, you have an amazing array of choices that were unavailable as recently as a few years ago. Whether you prefer woods, natural stones or stainless steel, each countertop category has choices to make your kitchen remodeling project look amazing. The ultimate look you reach will be based upon your desired styles, and textures you choose.

Current Countertop Trends

In the last several years many new homes and kitchen remodeling projects have moved away from the highly polished granites and marbles in favor of softer matte finishes. These softer finishes are often seen on stones that are solid or veined rather than granular..

The Top 5 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Your house came with bathrooms that are small, dingy, hard to clean and cramped. Here are some small bathroom remodeling ideas that can help give you more room, keep the bathroom cleaner and give your small bathroom that remodeled and updated look you've always wanted. In this article we consider a standard 6' x 8' space for your small bathroom. Remodels here, are often inexpensive and easy to accomplish. These areas can be the kids or guest bathrooms, half-baths, or bathrooms in common areas. For each of these projects, determine your budget, goals and desired outcome. Many contractors can work with you to achieve the results you are looking for on a budget you are comfortable with. 1. Small bathroom remodels often start with fixtures. Updating sink, toilets and other fixtures to take up less space. Does.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Naperville IL Kitchen Remodel StambuildersKitchen Remodeling Ideas STAM Builders Naperville ILKichen Remodel and Design Near Naperville, IL The kitchen is definitely the heart and soul of the house. Its the focal point for many functions of day to day life. You host your family meals, have casual conversations with friends and family, enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee or it can become your in-house business center, you name it. In recent years and with the economic shift, many people have.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Inspirations

Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Inspirations

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and InspirationsNaperville IL Bathroom Remodel ExpertsChicago IL Bathroom Remodel Experts STAM Builder The bathroom may not be the largest rooms in your home, but they play a large part of everyday life. If your bathroom is tired, drab, too small, full of black mold, remodeling can completely transform it into a warm welcoming and space. Stam Builders is Naperville, IL and Chicago's Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Experts. We have the experience you need to get the bathroom of your dreams, at.

Green Kitchen Remodeling

Today more than ever, we must consider how our actions impact our environment. This, of course, extends to choosing contractors, materials and processes when upgrading our homes. The good news is that in the last decade there have been many advances in these areas to help home owners get a superior product while minimizing the impact on the environment. Here are some tips that we find useful when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.


When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, often times we will replace countertops to add beauty and durability. When choosing the surface though, there are a variety of green choices that can reduce environmental impact.


Wood has been a traditional source of surfaces for centuries. In abundant supply and easy to procure wood has often been used. Wooden surfaces these days most often consist of.