The Top 5 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Your house came with bathrooms that are small, dingy, hard to clean and cramped. Here are some small bathroom remodeling ideas that can help give you more room, keep the bathroom cleaner and give your small bathroom that remodeled and updated look you’ve always wanted.

In this article we consider a standard 6′ x 8′ space for your small bathroom. Remodels here, are often inexpensive and easy to accomplish. These areas can be the kids or guest bathrooms, half-baths, or bathrooms in common areas. For each of these projects, determine your budget, goals and desired outcome. Many contractors can work with you to achieve the results you are looking for on a budget you are comfortable with.

1. Small bathroom remodels often start with fixtures. Updating sink, toilets and other fixtures to take up less space. Does your sink really need the cabinets? Consider installing a simple wall sink with no cabinets. A wall sink not creates space in your small bathroom but gives you that updated look you wanted. If you need the cabinet space, consider moving it about the toilet or set into the wall. Both options provide better use of a limited area.

2. Your small bathroom has limited space, grab back a few precious square feet with a shower instead of a tub. Installing a shower has two benefits. Showers take up less space than a tub. They also make your small bathroom seem larger since they are perceived walk-in space. Showers are also easier to clean and easier to maintain.

3. Add windows where you can. Pre-assembled glass windows help to make a cramped bathroom feel larger. They offer more natural light, are easy to maintain and are easy on the pocket book for a small bathroom remodeling project.

4. Install larger mirrors. While mirrors don’t actually create more space, they create the illusion of more space, making your small bathroom feel larger. Mirrors are easy to maintain, easy to install and inexpensive…ensuring your small bathroom remodeling project doesn’t eat up your pocketbook.

5. Hire Professionals. Bathroom remodeling projects can often be complex and time consuming. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may cause additional damage to your pipes, structure or purchased fixtures. Repairing damage can be as costly as the original remodeling project. Additionally, if the bathroom is heavily used, your family may get impatient! Many contractors can finish the project in a few days and give you the professional look you were aiming for!

Small bathroom remodeling projects can add a new look to your home on a small budget. These remodeling ideas for your small bathroom can also give you more space and make your bathrooms easier to clean! Lastly, updated fixtures often help to conserve energy and water which helps the environment & your wallet.

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