Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Small Kitchen

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The kitchen is definitely the heart and soul of the house. Its the focal point for many functions of day to day life. You host your family meals, have casual conversations with friends and family, enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee or it can become your in-house business center, you name it. In recent years and with the economic shift, many people have been forced to choose smaller living quarters. Throughout Naperville, Illinois smaller kitchen areas are now a way of life. But don’t fret. There are tons of small space kitchen design ideas and kitchen remodeling solutions to make the most of your kitchen square footage.

Today people are spending valuable time at home and are making it a priority to create comfortable spaces that truly suit their daily lives. Its important that you create a very welcome and efficient kitchen space paired with the lifestyle comfort that you have grown accustomed to.

Often the biggest fears homeowners have is just simply answering the question: “How can I remodel my kitchen?” We can help. Our very talented staff as Stam Builders, will guide you every step of the way. We will provide you options that you might be unaware of and provide outlines that inspire you to build the ultimate remodeled kitchen.

Observe How You Use Your Kitchen

One important place to start is simply by observing and truly understanding exactly how you and your family uses the kitchen and surrounding areas. Where does your family gather? Do you they eat in the Kitchen, Dining Room or perhaps the Living Room. By evaluating how your family uses your kitchen and surrounding space, you will get a better idea on how to plan the layout and design of your new inspiration. Simply write down your daily kitchen routine for one month. Fully understanding how your family and friends use this space, will help you and our staff plan the perfect kitchen setting for your kitchen remodel. And while you’re at it, take a look at other kitchen designs, either in a magazines, catalogs or even online and imagine how that design will look as your new kitchen.

The Focal Point of your Remodeled Kitchen

A focal point is the key item that the room works around. For living rooms, it could be the fireplace or even the TV, for bedrooms it could be your king sized bed or large dresser. For kitchens, it’s typically the entire space, island, bar, stove or refrigerator. So how do you choose your focal point? That all depends on how you would like your Kitchen to look and how you presently use the space. What items, in your existing kitchen are you planning on keeping, what items are you replacing. If you are planning on removing everything, then the total space becomes your focal point. Do you want to add an island, a large countertop, or even a bar? How will the room mold around your ideas and vision?

Stam Builders has the tools and expertise necessary, to draft up a design that is perfectly suited for your family. Let our staff sit down with you and determine exactly what it will take, what options are available and the total cost to bring your new kitchen to life!

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